Bless Their Hearts Mom / Get Juniors and Seniors College Ready with The College Bound Organizer by Anna Costaras and Gail Liss
September 15

Bless Their Hearts Mom / Get Juniors and Seniors College Ready with The College Bound Organizer by Anna Costaras and Gail Liss

Dubbed "The Ultimate Guide to Successful College Applications", this new book is JUST what college bound Juniors and Seniors need NOW, to make their path a success!
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College admissions is tougher than ever: 
Between now and 2020, about 90 million high schoolers in the U.S. will try to get into college. Each of these students will apply to many schools—5, 10, perhaps as many as 20—and each of those applications has a daunting number of T’s to cross and I’s to dot. 
With standardized test taking and school visits, the college application essay to write and forms to fill out, there is so much to do. Applying to college is intimidating and overwhelming for both teenagers and parents.
If you intend to be college bound: 
The challenge is to be well informed, prepared, focused and organized throughout the multi-step college search and admission process. 
Your solution is The College Bound Organizer, the ultimate guide to help students effectively navigate this very complicated and stressful process. The College Bound Organizer is your step-by-step comprehensive guide to organize every step of the college application process from college search through college admission.
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This is not your traditional 'how to get into college' book, rather it's a step by step PLANNER and NOTEBOOK, all in one. It helps teens, and their parents, to keep all needed info in ONE place, so that kids can easily use it for applications, (as you can see above) and then keep track of when those apps are sent in, when received, and their results (see below). Plus it helps n the preplanning stages- checking out colleges and seeing what tests might be needed for each school, etc. It DOES offer some advice and info on basics, like which tests to take, what financial aid is common and how to apply, and help for interviews and admission requirements.
The College Bound Organizer collage 2
The ONLY thing that I saw missing is info on accommodations for those with special needs, and space to log that info on on testing and college sheets. That is a section that parents may want to notate in on applicable sections, and be aware, via discussions with your child, of what is needed for colleges generally to approve them, and what questions your child needs to ask on college visits. 
I would suggest buying the book during the time between Sophomore and Junior year, so your child can start using it, AS test scores come in, and more importantly, logging all the extras, before they forget what they did! Then, as they start checking out colleges Junior year, they can start logging them,and be ready to enter everything as it comes up Senior year. It really is the Ultimate Guide to keeping your SANITY during the college app process!  I knww WE WILL be using it for Miss Grace, to keep us more sane!
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