Berify / 5 World Famous Photographers Give Us 5 Incredible Tips To Make You a Better Photographer
July 25

Berify / 5 World Famous Photographers Give Us 5 Incredible Tips To Make You a Better Photographer

Ever dreamed of being a great photographer? Well, now you can! We interviewed some of the best photographers in the world and asked them for advice. Here’s what the pros have to teach us:


“One of the biggest things anyone can do is understand what all the buttons and dials on your camera do, especially those which have to do with exposure.  Most people put their camera on automatic and then never bother doing anything else. The key to improving as a photographer is knowing what your tools are capable of doing.”

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2013 & 2015 NATJA Travel Photographer of the Year
2014 SATW Travel Photographer of the Year
Member of Society of American Travel Writers and American Society of Media Photographer
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“My advice is to follow own instincts and trust own curiosity. Then Try to travel alone to every part of the world. Now you can Find your own way to photography and nobody in the future will ask you if you have a diploma.”

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# 1: It’s Not All About the Money, Honey!

“As a commercial photographer, it’s sometimes easy to get lost in what you do. Sure, there’s work flowing in. You’re working with big brands. You’ve got high-flying marketing executives in your studio every other day. Life is good! It’s times like this when you really have to pause for a moment and remember: photography is still art. And art cannot be reproduced or created on demand. As a photographer, it’s important to retain your creative mojo and be able to create stunning work when you’re called upon to. To be able to do that, you need to be able to have a healthy inventory of creative sauce – and that creative sauce comes from giving back to society. As an artist, it’s our responsibility to chronicle and document society for future generations. Take up personal projects. Take time out to shoot for a cause – and forget about the bill. When you give back to society, it feels good. And that feeling stays with you. It makes you a better professional. It makes you better at what you do.”

# 2: Don’t Have GAS

“When you’re a photographer, it’s easy to suffer from GAS. Also known as Gear Acquisition Syndrome! I constantly find myself lusting after better equipment. Better cameras. Better lenses. It’s easy to fall into a creative black hole, and blame your gear (or lack thereof) for not being able to execute images like what your competition does. It happens to everyone, at some time or the other – you look at stunning work on the internet, and find yourself just a wee bit envious. Your brain tends to rationalise it by telling you that the only way the photographer or artist was able to create that work was by having thousands of dollars worth of gear, and if you had it – you could be creating work like that everyday! This is classic GAS. Recognise the symptoms. Take corrective action the moment you feel…just a little bit gassy!”

# 3: Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

“Photography is an intensely rewarding field. Having said that, there are tons of ways you can be a photographer. You could shoot fashion, documentary, food, weddings, real estate, product, journalism, social issues and so on. The thing is to remember the old adage – the one about Jack, and the various trades he’s in. You can’t be good at everything. What you want to do is pick a field (or two) and stick to it. Be known as the very best in the country in the field you choose. Want to be a wedding photographer? Own it! Want to be a fashion photographer? Be the very best there is. And this means thinking about your art every second of every day. And constantly improving and learning. It’s normally not easy to do this when you have a finger in various pies – which is why you want to be a specialist in a certain genre, instead of dabbling in too much!”

Photographer Info:

Founded the Wedding Photographers Association of India (WPAI) – an organisation that brings together the best photographers in India to promote the art and craft of wedding photography. The association is committed to promoting excellence, innovation and raising the bar for wedding photography in India. Photographers go through a rigorous selection process, and only those who have a demonstrative ability and exceptional skill are accepted as members of the association.


“My best tip is from my book Advancing Your Photography, — it is visualization.  The difference between a snapshot that is “taken” and photograph that is created is that the photographer first visualized it.”

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“Advancing Your Photography is a work of art, about art! Silber delivers clear, concise content, for all levels of skill, and accentuates the details that matter most to getting the result you desire. As an amateur myself, I felt more professionally suited to capture a meaningful photograph by applying what I learned.” – David Lee Jensen, #1 Best Selling Author of The Naked Interview



“My best advice for photographers is to find someone else’s style that they love and try to mimic it. This should only be for practice purposes because you don’t want to rip off that photographer’s style. What this will do is train your eye like the pros. You will start seeing light differently, colors etc…it will push you to problem solve and come up with solutions. Do this with multiple photographers styles and then come up with your own style which could even be a combination of what you love.”
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Luerzer’s Archive 200 Best Digital Artists Worldwide 2014-2015
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