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My book “Banish Your Inner Critic” is available for pre-sale! Let’s make it a success together!

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My book “Banish Your Inner Critic” is available for pre-sale! Let’s make it a success together!

After a year of writing and two months in production, my book Banish Your Inner Critic is almost here – the publish date is 6 June 2017!

Back when I was writing my first book in 2009, I battled self doubt almost every day. But when I was done writing and designing the book’s website, I reached one of the deepest, most blissful states of creative flow that I have ever been in. Afterwards, I understood why. During those amazing hours my Inner Critic was completely silent.

From that point on, I threw myself into learning about the creative process, and specifically about how to remove the biggest block to creativity: the Inner Critic. However, there was no single comprehensive source on how to effectively silence the Inner Critic.

I wrote Banish Your Inner Critic to be that handbook. In the book, I reveal the different forms of the Inner Critic and how they show up in our lives. I’ve also amassed a wealth of tools and exercises based on neuroscience, psychology, mindfulness – and even improv – to help you to remove these blocks to express your creative genius and to create a new mindframe.

If you’re ready to reclaim your power from that mean voice in your head, this book is for you! Banish Your Inner Critic will provide insight and relief, and will help you do more of the kick-ass work that I know you are capable of.

But don’t just take my word for it. Get a taste of what’s to come, and download a sample chapter



And then…

Teamwork makes the dream work. If you love the sample chapter and are excited about the book, you can help make Banish Your Inner Critic a success by doing these three things:

1) Buy It!

Order a copy (or several!) of Banish Your Inner Critic from your favorite bookseller:


2) Share It!

Post about Banish Your Inner Critic on social media. Use the hashtag #byeinnercritic, share the website InnerCriticBook.com, and remember to tag me too: @denisejacobs.

You could also feature Banish Your Inner Critic on your blog or in your publication. Contact me if you want to do this, and I’ll set you up.

3) Expand Its Reach!

Here’s how you can help me get the book into the hands of even more people:

  1. Make Banish Your Inner Critic your Book Club read
  2. Ask your favorite bookstore to order Banish Your Inner Critic
  3. Suggest that your local library stock it as well

I don’t know about you, I can’t wait until 6 June!


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