Awakening Self/ Weekly Bit of Inspiration
February 02

Awakening Self/ Weekly Bit of Inspiration

Catch the Ball!
OK, I couldn't resist a football analogy today, for Super Bowl Sunday.  ;)

Have you been paying attention to those balls lately? You know, the ones that Spirit tosses your way to catch? The Divine shares with you new opportunities, insights, and amazing people all the time. But are you catching them?

Trust your intuition and instincts - that's Spirit's way of guiding you. If something shows up unexpectedly, it may be the Divine throwing you a pass. Spirit could bring a message to you in a Facebook post or a billboard, or send a person into your life that inspires your creativity.

Pay attention to what shows up. Be receptive and catch the ball that the Divine tosses your way. Carry it forward with your intent. This is how transformation and manifestation happen!


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