Awake TV Network
October 31

Awake TV Network

I am writing with big news! I will be hosting a show on a brand new online network called the Awake TV Network! The network begins on Nov. 11th they will be having 8 hours of live shows every day, 7 days a week taught by teachers from all over the world. My show will be called "Be Yourself to Free Yourself!" and it will air every Wednesday from 11am-Noon.
My show will be a catch-all show for all things positive, creative, empowering and inspirational that move us forward, spark our creativity and help us learn and grow. I will be sharing from my books, life experiences and creative endeavors as well as interview interesting, like-minded and successful people from all walks of life who have tapped into their own personal version of success. This show is for anyone looking to be inspired, empowered, become more self-aware and reach their highest potential.  
All the shows are interactive, so viewers can ask questions or type comments both while the show is on and even afterward! I will respond to as many questions as I can while the show is live, and I will respond to all other questions as soon as I can.
Go to to sign up for updates and show information.