Apple Podcasts/ Wayne Dyer, Gratitude & Manifesting Dolphins?
February 19

Apple Podcasts/ Wayne Dyer, Gratitude & Manifesting Dolphins?

Who doesn't love talking about manifesting their dreams? Today our guest is Melisa Caprio.

During a tough point in Melisa’s life, one night just as she was falling asleep, she heard a very clear, loud message in her head: "Postcards to the Universe." She immediately got up, turned on her computer and bought every domain with that name she could. And then… she didn’t do anything with it for a year.

In true Divine Breadcrumb fashion, new people started coming into Melisa's life, helping her gain more clarity on what she wanted to do. Sometimes books would literally fall into her lap with information she needed to know!

Melisa is now an author, radio host of Postcards to the Universe, creator of Postcards to the Universe™ A Global Movement for Manifestation as well as a talented photographer.

Melisa’s inspiration comes from a desire to have a forum where people come together in creative ways for global change. She is currently giving workshops on photography, art, transformation, and manifestation.

Melisa’s book, “Postcards to the Universe” teaches the reader to have an open dialogue with the Universe, get clear on what we really want, and harness their spiritual power.

In this episode, Melisa talks with Deb and Carol about how she helps her clients to accelerate the manifestation process by creating their own unique postcard. She also talks about she manifested her childhood dream to work with dolphins!