Anxiety Sisters / The Spin Cycle–Episode 024
December 20

Anxiety Sisters / The Spin Cycle–Episode 024

Got a mother? Or a daughter? Then you will not want to miss this episode in which Abs and Mags chat with Karen C. L. Anderson, author of Difficult Mothers, Adult Daughters, A Guide For Separation, Liberation & Inspiration and the forthcoming The Difficult Mother-Daughter Relationship Journal: A Guide For Revealing & Healing Toxic Generational Patterns (January, 2020).

Listen in as they discuss why the mother-daughter relationship can be so challenging as well as how to manage the anxiety that often accompanies challenging relationships. They also talk about the path to healing and a new definition of forgiveness.

Special note: if you pre-order Karen’s new book, you can join her guided book club FREE. Click here for details.


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