Almost There
March 09

Almost There

After many months of hard work, your waiting will soon be over. Most schools release their admissions decisions in mid to late March. Hopefully, good news is on the way. If you put together a balanced list of safety, target and reach schools, it’s likely that you have at least one acceptance on the way.

Admissions decisions are due by May 1st so you will have plenty of time to evaluate your choices. Your goal is to select a school where you feel comfortable, where you’ll be challenged academically and where you feel you belong. Choose a school that excites you and where you’ll want to be actively engaged. Take the time to:

  • Look through each school’s course offerings.
  • Familiarize yourself with the academic programs available.
  • Get a sense of each school’s personality.
  • Learn about what each school community has to offer.
  • Compare your financial aid packages. 

Keep in mind, it’s what you do once you’re at college, not where you attend college that will make the difference post-graduation. Stay focused on the positive news and the college life you have to look forward to.