Alexandra Franzen / Tiny Annoucement
February 05

Alexandra Franzen / Tiny Annoucement

Eight years ago, I walked into the Wilde Café in Minneapolis, where I lived at the time. It was a chilly Midwestern morning. Ice sparkling on the concrete. The kind of weather that makes you pull your coat a little tighter and walk a little faster. 

Inside the café, I miraculously found an empty chair in the best possible spot—right by the fireplace. I ordered my coffee, snuggled into my velvety throne (feeling very much like my hero, Oscar Wilde) and then...I wrote my first book.

It wasn't a big book. It was a very tiny book. About 10 pages long. Super simple. No frills. The topic was: "how to reach out to potential clients and invite them to hire you."

I typed my favorite suggestions into a Word document. I clicked file > print > save as PDF and boom, just like that, I had officially created my very first digital book. So satisfying. So complete. A sweet little victory.

I shared the tiny e-book on my website. I had no idea if anybody would download it and read it, but I figured, "If this e-book helps anyone, even just one person, then that's great." 

Over the next few months, a sprinkling of messages arrived in my inbox. "I used your tips and it helped!" "I got a new client today!" "This was awesome, thank you!" It was so exhilarating to see that my tiny book was creating a positive effect in people's lives. 

Since that day at the Wilde Cafe, I've written many more books. Some have been tiny. Some have been big. Some have been self-published. Some have been book deals with well-known publishers and a few smaller, independent publishers, too. Fiction and nonfiction. Hardcover and paperback. Digital and audio.

Obviously, I love books! All kinds of books. However, I've always had an especially intense love for tiny books—books that are inspiring, interesting, and brief. The kind of book you can sit down and read, nonstop, cover to cover, all in one night. 

And that is why...I am so happy to announce my newest project: The Tiny Press.

I have teamed up with my current publisher (Mango Press) to create a new publishing imprint called The Tiny Press. Our mission is to release short books (around 120 pages) that create a positive ripple effect in the world. Big ideas. Small packages. Some Tiny Press books will be written by me, although most will be written by other authors that I've selected.

The first Tiny Press book is already finished and you can order it now! Wishwork: Make a Wish, Do the Work, and Watch It Come True by Alexa Fischer, founder of Wishbeads. (Alexa's products and book got spotlighted on Good Morning Americarecently. Congrats, Alexa!). The second Tiny Press book is Say It Now: 33 Ways To Say "I Love You" To the Most Important People In Your Life by Sherry Richert Belul, a wonderful writer (and human being) who was recently featured in The New York Times. Two additional Tiny Press books will be released in 2019 and then four more books in 2020.

There are so many ways to make our world a kinder, happier, healthier, and better place. Writing a book is one. Making a podcast is another. Or hugging your kids tightly and teaching them about empathy. Or texting your friend who is struggling with depression, just to check in and say "hi." Or donating to an important cause. Or any other way that you want to make your mark

A tiny gesture of love can change someone's day. A tiny project can change a community. 

I hope you will choose a tiny project that excites you—any type of project—and do it. 

Tiny things are a big deal.



PS. Please enjoy this video of giant men holding tiny ducks. You're welcome.

PPS. I am obsessed with this album.

PPPS. Keep setting tiny goals. Keep marching in the direction you want. Don't give upYou're doing a great job.


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