Alexandra Franzen Newsletter/ 15 Fun Gifts For You!
December 20

Alexandra Franzen Newsletter/ 15 Fun Gifts For You!



I have a few gifts for you! 

Here are a few workbooks, audiobooks, coloring sheets, music playlists, and other things I've created over the years. Some are very recent. Some are fairly old-ish. All of them are free. Enjoy to the fullest...






1. If you need some encouragement, a pep talk, a big hug... here's a free audiobook with selected stories from my new book, You're Going to Survive. 


2. If you love handwritten letters... here's a free e-book with fun letter-writing ideas. 


3.​​​​​​​ If you struggle to "get to the point" when you're writing... here's a free e-book with my all-time favorite communication technique, which is called Feel, Know, Do.


4. If you're looking for some conversation-starters to ask around the dinner table, at networking events, or parties... here's a list of 100 questions.


5. If you're obsessed with discovering new music... here are some playlists I put together: onetwothreefour, and five.


6. If you struggle to say "no," especially when a friend or colleague asks you for a favor... here's a free e-book with fill-in-the-blank scripts to help you say no, gracefully. 


​​​​​​​7. If you want to doodle, daydream, and play with crayons... here are some free coloring sheets that I drew.


8.​​​​​​​ If you would love to get published in a newspaper, magazine, blog, or website... here's a free guidebook with a list of 25 places that would love to publish your work.


9.​​​​​​​ If you want to line up more clients... here's a free e-book with tips and email-writing ideas. On a similar note, here's an article where I tell the story of how my sweetheart and I opened a brunch restaurant, and how we marketed our tiny, fledgling business and found customers.


10. If you'd like to write even better, stronger, clearer emails... here are some email guidelines. And here are some additional tips.


11.​​​​​​​ If you'd like to write a manifesto but you're not sure how to get started... here are some free manifesto-writing guidelines


12.​​​​​​​ If you'd like to reach out to someone that you don't know very well and strike up a friendship, partnership, or collaboration... here are some free tips. (This is a very, very old e-book that I wrote a long time ago—​​​​​​​but still, it might help!)


13. If you'd like to do some journaling and self-reflection... here are 5 questions to ask yourself on New Year's Day (or any day, really). And here's one of my favorite questions to ponder: "Do I really need that?"

14.​​​​​​​ If you need a silly, goofy hug... here's onetwothreefour, and five.


15. If you need a reminder that your life matters, your work matters, your efforts matter... here it is.


Wherever you are, I'm sending some positivity in your direction.


Have a fun, productive day...