Point Lobos

Same Point, two different Views of Point

Point Lobos, in Monterey County, California, near Carmel-by-the sea, has inspired countless photographers with its unparalleled lanscape and wildlife regardless of the time of the year or the weather.

Rainbow over Carmel River Beach, Point Lobos behind it.

Carmel Beach, with Point Lobos getting fogged in – watch the video 

The story of these photos: Last week we awoke to the rainbow you see above, with its end neatly hitting the beach, at the mouth of the Carmel River. You can just barely make out Point Lobos behind it. A few days later I captured the black and white while filming my short video about why I wrote my new book Advancing Your Photography (have a look it’s got some great GoPro shots of the Carmel seascape.) In this image you can see the fog really rolling in on Point Lobos while Carmel Beach remained drenched in sun. Such is the magic of this ever changing and stunning part of the world.

Point Lobos is where Edward Weston spent years photographing — especially capturing nudes in the sand dunes, you should google to see his remarkable images. I talk about him AYP as he had a major impact on me.

And there you have the same Point, with two entirely different views.

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I made this short film to explain the top three reasons why I wrote the book, would you humor me and take just two minutes to hear me out?  Watch it here. We had fun making it on the beach and zooming around on my Vespa — don’t laugh that it’s not a Harley or a Ducati — it’s the perfect vehicle to get around in this beach town.  

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