ABC NEWS 23 - Local filmmaker releases,
June 07

ABC NEWS 23 - Local filmmaker releases, "Cheap Movie Tricks: How To Shoot A Short Film For Under $2,000"

Local filmmaker releases, "Cheap Movie Tricks: How To Shoot A Short Film For Under $2,000"

Book releases today in Target, Barnes and Noble

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. – Rickey Bird, a local filmmaker and owner of Hectic Films Productions, wrote a book for aspiring indie filmmakers.

Having worked in the Bakersfield and Los Angeles film industries for over fourteen years, the struggles that come with producing a film are no mystery to Bird. His book, Cheap Movie Tricks: How To Shoot A Short Film For Under $2,000, aims to tackle exactly this. From budgeting – talent, crew, make-up, equipment, costumes – to film editing tips and film festival strategies, various techniques and short-cuts are provided to help you develop a movie project on a “burger budget.”

“I just wanted to help people like me in the same position that want to make movies but really don’t have the money or resources. I have helped a lot of indie films over the years and most of their hang ups are really easy fixes,” Bird says.

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Contributions from notable filmmakers, local and Hollywood-based, can be seen throughout the text. Actress and Producer Brinke Stevens, in particular, explains how to hire well-known talent in their projects.

The book is set to release in Barnes and Nobles and Target today, just in time for National VCR Day. It is also available at their online stores as well as Amazon and Indiebound.

For those wanting to get involved with Bird’s film company, the easiest thing to do is follow them on Facebook. Every Wednesday, the film team live streams on their page to discuss upcoming projects and how people can get involved.

Bird adds, “If you want to get into filmmaking, this book is worth the investment. It will not only show you how to create your film, but also how to save time and money. It would be wise to make your first investment into filmmaking for about $17 bucks.”

Details on an upcoming book signing event to come.