19. Peek-A-Boo

For this trick you will be teaching your dog to go behind you and between your legs. This is a cute trick and can also be really useful to position your dog if you are waiting in line together to go to a dog-friendly event, or if your dog is nervous around people. Having your dog between your legs is a great way to deter (all but the rudest) strangers from trying to pet your dog!

Extra Credit
You can teach your dog to come into peek-a-boo position from your right side by repeating the above steps on the right side. Even though your dog might be very familiar with the trick on your left, you might need to go slowly. Also practice out on your walks—be careful not to get your dog tangled with the leash.

20. Walk on Your Feet

This is a more advanced version of the peek-a-boo trick. For this trick, your dog will go between your legs, put their front feet onto your feet, and together you will crab-walk forward. Hint: if you want to do this trick but have a very small dog, you may need to keep your toes pointed very close together for your dog to be able to reach each of your feet with their front feet. This trick is also challenging if you have a very large dog; my Newfoundland (giant breed) and I are physically incapable of doing this one because I am too short, and she is too tall!