Within each of us there is a higher part that goes beyond our conscious awareness. This part of us, the Higher Self, communicates with a higher, more expansive and intelligent Divine Consciousness that some refer to as God, Goddess, I AM Presence or something else. The Higher Self is a part of the Divine Consciousness. It is part of you, yet more than you. Within the practice of quieting the mind to connect with our Higher Self, we can access unconscious information from the highest part of ourselves. Meditation is the “doorway” through which information can be brought into our conscious awareness, to identify the highest course of action towards the highest outcome. I began to notice the ways in which meditation helped me become aware of how I blocked the flow of inner guidance with constant thinking and worry, and my resistance to let go of that which I no longer wanted. I also began to notice how grace appeared in my life in simple, yet miraculous outcomes. These experiences pushed me to thoroughly examine my self-sabotaging habits, beliefs, emotional patterns and ways of perceiving and being in the world. I had to make an effort to uncover the hidden parts of myself that kept me attached to financial disarray and problematic situations. I had a lot of “un-learning” to do. Overtime my mind began to interpret fewer situations as stressful. I was able to remain more centered and be less agitated by external events. I wasn’t as susceptible to emotional triggers. As I continued to meditate and pray, there was less fear and agony and more openness to new possibilities. I share this with you because I have come to see that although the guidance was for me and came through me, it was not solely for me. It is also for those who find themselves in similar situations of distress, and are willing to cultivate a connection with a higher consciousness to better discern where life is trying to lead you. Knowing that we see ourselves in the stories of others, it is my sincerest wish that the guidance from these meditations is as helpful to you as it has been for me. It is my wish that you will grow to trust yourself; that you will trust the inner guidance that is available and within you. It is my hope that you will seek out opportunities for personal growth that lie in mundane long-term struggles, and come to know that nothing we experience in this life is futile. With hindsight it becomes clear that struggle and triumph both serve a higher purpose for personal growth. And finally, it is my greatest hope that you will have the courage to let your crisis become the catalyst that leads you onto your highest life path. So often it is said that “meditation helps” until it almost seems like a redundant Hallmark-ish cliché. I can honestly say this is absolutely true. Meditation does help. Meditation can help.