The Competitive Buddha with Author Jerry Lynch and George Mumford
November 10

The Competitive Buddha with Author Jerry Lynch and George Mumford

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The Competitive Buddha is about the humanistic side of competing and coaching, that of connection, cooperation, compassion, collaboration, and a more mindful way of mastering our craft. You will be able to heighten your joy and happiness while reducing the suffering in your life. Sports are one of the few activities in life that can help you to do this. As a lifelong student of philosophy, psychology, and athletics, Dr. Lynch has learned that this is possible.



Jerry first learned about extraordinary performance and excellence as a nationally ranked competitive athlete sponsored by Nike, running world class times from 5,000 meters to the marathon, setting an American record in the half-marathon, winning a National Championship and many other other races against athletes half his age. He took what he learned about himself and life from his competitive days and parlayed it into a dynamic successful career helping athletes and coaches in all sports to use his Buddha performance and leadership strategies to up their game and discover the best version of themselves.

His most recent book, The Competitive Buddha, is emblematic of his journey of excellence and will serve as a guide for anyone who wishes to join the journey. To give a clearer sense about his professional life as an author, leader, coach and mentor, Jerry combines Eastern thought, Native American tradition, and western psychology to help create mental strength, spiritual dexterity, inspiration and empowerment not only for competitive events but for self awareness, confidence and how to be the best version of yourself each day.

Dr. Lynch has been recognized as one of the top five in his profession nationwide. He has worked with teams, coaches and athletes in the NBA, Pro Lacrosse, Major League Soccer, with men’s and women’s basketball, lacrosse, soccer, tennis, golf and other sports at the universities of North Carolina, Duke, Maryland, California, Syracuse, Stanford, Harvard and Middlebury.

In the past 30 years alone, he has help guide 115 championship teams, 55 Final Fours resulting in 39 National Championships at the collegiate and professional levels. Jerry is a dynamic, entertaining, inspirational, provocative, and humorous teacher and speaker with topics on leadership, coaching, team culture building, winning the relationship game, and core value development.

Some of his presentations include Keynote Talks at the New Zealand National Academy of Sport, Der Deutsche Schmerztog in Germany, the U.S.National Field Hockey Coaches convention, the Ironman Sports Medicine Conference in Hawaii, the USA Lacrosse National Convention and the NIKE/China Leadership Summit in Lanai, Hawaii.

Dr. Lynch has had extensive media interview coverage with CBS, NBC, and PBS national television, the New York Times, Oprah Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Baltimore Sun, Outside Magazine and over 400 national radio broadcasts, podcasts and webinars. He co-hosts the Way of Champions podcast, one of the top rated podcasts in the world for coaches. The author of 14 books in over 10 languages, Dr. Lynch is the founder and director of WAY OF CHAMPIONS, a human potential and performance consulting group helping others master the deeper inner game for sports, business and life.”



George Mumford is a globally recognized speaker, teacher, and coach. Since 1989, he’s been honing his gentle, but groundbreaking mindfulness techniques with people from locker rooms to board rooms, Yale to jail. Michael Jordan credits George with transforming his on-court leadership, helping the Bulls to six NBA championships, while Mumford has also worked with Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, and countless other NBA players, Olympians, executives, and artists. Mumford’s book The Mindful Athlete: Secrets to Pure Performance is both memoir and instruction guide. He believes everyone has a masterpiece within, which he can show you how to access. While at the University of Massachusetts — where he roomed with future Hall-of-Famer Julius Erving — injuries forced Mumford out of basketball and eventually into an addiction to pain medication and drugs. With the help of meditation and mindfulness, he got clean and made it his mission to teach and work with others.

November 10, 2021 - 6:00 PM