The Anxiety Show/ Ep 18 - F*$% Rape (a co-pro)
March 01

The Anxiety Show/ Ep 18 - F*$% Rape (a co-pro)

~~As featured on CBC's The Early Edition, CUTV, and Global News... THE ANXIETY SHOW - here comes F*******K RAPE!

This is usually the place where we write a pithy statement trivializing the triggers around us, but in this episode, we get real. Rape is Real, to be exact. In a co-production with the incredible Sexual Assault is Present and Pervasive, we give you Episode 18 - F* Rape... as told by survivors.

There are wonderful people in this world who grew up with the perfect amount of emotional nurturance, who live simple lives, have excellent boundaries, and have managed to keep an even keel despite a distorted society. These people cannot understand why anyone would act irrationally, especially when they know that what they are doing is not good for them.

This show is not for those people.

This powerful show features:

Julie Peters
Charlie Cook
Megan Phillips

And hosted by the one, the only Em C'oop

..AND YOU. Bring. Your. Stories.

Every episode of THE ANXIETY SHOW features different mental health issues, as told by comedians who experience them firsthand, and there is an OPEN MIC element scattered throughout: A combination of booked acts and open mic to the audience, for maximum sharing. Because better out than in AMIRITE? If it's gonna suck, it might as well suck with others.

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