Sara Zeff Geber  at the Positive Aging Conference
April 03

Sara Zeff Geber at the Positive Aging Conference

We can reflect on the achievements of the Positive Aging Movement and consider "What's next?" at the 9th International Conference on Positive Aging held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, April 3 - 4, 2018. 

Life Planning Network is a program co-sponsor, and is urging members to attend. 

Our coordinator liaison is LPN member, Rick Moody (Virtual Chapter, Colorado). LPN members presenting include: 

  • Mark Peterson (Greater Philadelphia) - Mortality 
  • Betsy Werley (Virtual Chapter) - Encore options
  • Karen Sands (New England) - Get Paid What You're Worth 
  • Jan Zacharasz (Greater Philadelphia) - Resiliency
  • Thelma Reese (Greater Philadelphia) - Her book, The New Senior Man
  • Barbara Shaiman (Greater Philadelphia) - Live Your Legacy Now 
  • Carolyn Walter (Greater Philadelphia) - Retirement and Reinvention
  • Yosaif August (Greater Philadelphia) - Encore Careers
  • Kay Bransford (Chesapeake) - Memory Banc
  • Claire Panke (Virtual Chapter, NY) - Sharing her completed film 
  • Joyce Cohen (New England) - Developing Personal Brand
  • Sara Zeff Geber (NorCal) - Solo Agers 
  • Marni MCNamara (Virtual Chapter, Nashville 

PAC will be hosted by Masterpiece Living and sponsored by Fielding Graduate University and its Creative Longevity and Wisdom Program.  

Speakers and workshops and creative arts/exercise activities will fit with the four conference themes: Wellness, Lifespan Development, Community, and Later Life Creativity. Sessions are expected on topics such as life-review, holistic health, spirituality and age, conscious eldering, meaningful work, intergenerational relationships, lifelong learning, peer networking, and working against ageism.  

LPN Members receive $100 off the registration fee. Use code PA2018. 

Register for the event here.

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