Robert Mack Virtual talk
August 27

Robert Mack Virtual talk

Robert Mack has helped millions of people transform their love lives on and off television. In his most recent release, he shares a fresh, new perspective on the meaning of true love. With his charismatic warmth, wit, and compassion, Mack explores the frustration and futility of seeking love from others, instead of yourself—and in the future, instead of in the present. In the form of short meditations, Love from the Inside Out invites you into an intimate conversation about relationships, one where you will conduct your own personal inquiry on love. As a result, some of your most cherished premises about love will be explored, questioned, and challenged. If you are looking for something other than—or in addition to—your typical relationship book, psychology book, positive thinking book, self-help book, or spirituality book, look no further. Using the powerful pointers and transformative teachings in this book, you will finally discover the happy, healthy, and harmonious experience of true love you deeply desire and truly deserve.

In Love from the Inside Out, find answers to questions like, how can I:
● End my loneliness?
● Overcome my fear of being alone?
● Love myself first?
● Attract a partner faster?
● Create healthy relationships of all kinds?
● Keep my love life sexy, fresh, and alive?
● Set better boundaries?

From:   August 27, 2022 - 3:00 PM
To:  August 27, 2022 - 4:30 PM