Karen Casey Virtual Reading
February 19

Karen Casey Virtual Reading

Join Karen Casey for a special Banyen Books event celebrating the 40th Anniversary release of her beloved, bestselling classic, Each Day a New Beginning.

Each Day a New Beginning defined a genre as the first daily meditation book for women, filled with encouraging meditations and practices to lift readers up. With over 3 million copies sold and a dedicated readership spanning over four decades, bestselling author Karen Casey has cemented herself as a leading voice in the reflection and recovery space. 

"Karen Casey tells truth and tells it well." 
Marianne Williamson

First published in 1982, Karen Casey's signature and genre-defining work, Each Day a New Beginning, broke ground as the first daily meditation book for women in alcoholism recovery. Forty years later, over three million copies have been sold and people around the globe continue to turn to this renowned classic for morning motivation, afternoon escape, and night-time reflection. Karen Casey is the author of several bestselling classics, including The Promise of a New Day, 52 Ways to Live the Course in MiraclesLet Go Now, and Codependence and the Power of Detachment.

From:   February 19, 2023 - 3:00 PM
To:  February 19, 2023 - 4:00 PM