Heart Wisdom -  Navigating Grief of All Kinds
July 13

Heart Wisdom - Navigating Grief of All Kinds

The last few years have been filled with grief of all kinds. There have not only been countless deaths and illnesses, but also mass shootings, political divide, and daily losses of normalcy and ritual. We’ve grieved time with our families or travels. We’ve grieved the way our lives looked and what we thought was possible. Many people are feeling acute disappointment about layers of loss. 
How do we deal with so much grief in our lives and those of people we love? 
Join us at this week’s Mango Publishing Author Panel to participate in a conversation about how to navigate the many kinds of grief we may be experiencing. 
Our guest authors, Emily Thiroux (“Loving and Living Your Way Through Grief”) and Chelsea Hanson (“The Sudden Loss Survival Guide.") will share their mindfulness practice tips and personal stories. Everyone who attends is invited to join the conversation. The panel is facilitated by Sherry Richert Belul (“Say it Now.”) 
Mango Author Panels are a great way to get a behind-the-scenes look at the publishing world and what goes on in authors' heads. They are always interactive, often intriguing, and especially warm and inspiring. 
We hope you will join us and bring your questions about supporting your own chapter of grief or that of someone you love.
This event is free. However, registration is requiredEmail brianna@mangopublishinggroup.com
If you would like to join our panels live, they take place Wednesday afternoons at 1:30pm PT until 2:30pm PT. Email brianna@mangopublishinggroup.com to receive the Zoom links automatically every week. (No obligation to attend, but you will have the link handy if you want to drop in!)
***Author Bios ***
Emily Thiroux Threatt is an author and Lecturer with extensive personal experience in the grieving process and has written "Loving and Living Your Way Through Grief.”  Emily created a program called, “Writing Your Way Through Grief.” She holds a master’s degree in English with a Concentration in Writing. She has been teaching writing and composition on the college and university level over 30 years. 
Chelsea Hanson is a grief educator, spiritual mentor for women, and author of "The Sudden Loss Survival Guide." Following the sudden death of both of her parents, Hanson developed her signature system, The Seven Essential Practices to Heal Grief, a program that transforms deep grief into insightful healing.
Sherry Richert Belul, author of “Say it Now: 33 Creative Ways to Say I Love You to the Most Important People in Your Life,” is founder of Simply Celebrate, a business dedicated to helping people live colorful, connected, creative lives of love and appreciation. 


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