Growing Older and Bolder conference with Sue Patton Thoele Guest
February 04

Growing Older and Bolder conference with Sue Patton Thoele Guest

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Don’t let your age define you or slow you down. Instead, honor yourself and embrace the new chapters ahead that you get to write.


Join us for some bold conversations about how to rediscover yourself and enjoy the freedom that comes with becoming more audacious, adventurous, and accepting of who you are and who you want to be at any age.


Unlocking the Heartcuffs of Over-Care

Sue Patton Theole

Over-caring for others, and situations beyond our control, is a joy killer. It can leach vibrancy from our lives, lead to under-caring for ourselves, frustration, and a less fulfilling life. There are antidotes. Let’s explore some together…


About: Sue is an emeritus licensed psychotherapist, hospice chaplain, and author of thirteen books most of which are written for  women. She is a wife, mother, stepmother, and grandmother. Her mission is to help women--herself included--love and believe in themselves.


Her books include: The Courage to Be Yourself An Updated Guide to Emotional Strength and Self-Esteem; The Mindful Woman: Gentle Practices for Restoring Calm, Finding Balance & Opening Your Heart; Heart Centered Marriage: Fulfilling Our Natural Desire for Sacred Partnership; The Woman's Book of Spirit Meditations to Awaken our Inner Wisdom; Freedoms After 50; Growing Hope: Sowing Seeds of Positive Change in Your Life and in the World




Why I Shouldn’t be Alive Today

Laura Einman


My epitaph could have read “Death by donuts and Dove Bars.” I was a sugar addict and junk food junkie for 40 years. At age 48, I hit my bottom. “Enough!” I said and spent the next 5 years developing my own 4 step mental toughness program based on the mindsets of Navy SEALs and Olympic athletes to break away from this toxic habit.  I have been off sugar and junk food for 22 years.


Learn my favorite my mental toughness strategies with you. How would your life change if you learned how to think like a Navy SEAL and developed the habits of an Olympic athlete to start deleting toxic thoughts and not buy into those ridiculous stories that society tells us about aging?


About: Hitting bottom at age 48, Laura turned her life around by getting mentally tough. Going from the “gutter to grateful to gold medals” is a testimony to how powerful the mind is.


Laura Eiman is a gold medal Olympic weightlifter (at age 64!), a certified mental toughness coach and a successful entrepreneur endorsed by Oprah, Rachael Ray and Barbara Walters on The View.  She is 22 years off sugar and junk food.


In 2020 Laura received her “Unbeatable Mind” coaching certification, after training for two years with Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine and his team. Laura is an ordinary person, now doing extraordinary things because she got mentally tough. She wants the same for you. 


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