Couples Mojo
October 25

Couples Mojo

What Is Couples Mojo? 

This is a four-day, three night workshop designed for couples to build a foundation of trust, connection, communication, and boundaries. It’s held in Apache Springs Arizona, and utilizes the wisdom of horses to open to your own vulnerability and authenticity. 

Are you: 

•Tired of bickering with your partner about chores and money, scheduling, the kids, the house?  

•Tired of the draining disagreements, the silent treatment, the passive aggressive comments, the arguments that loop and loop and never seem to get resolved? 

•Want to bring more peace into your relationship—and also, at the same time, get back that “spark” that’s been missing? 

Before giving up, breaking up, or calling a divorce lawyer, consider joining us for Couples Mojo in the beautiful Apache Springs Ranch, October 25-28, 2019.

Get your heart and spark back! 

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From:   October 25, 2019
To:  October 28, 2019