Author Visit
November 18

Author Visit

Betrayed by Work: Women’s Stories of Trauma, Healing and Hope after Being Fired, by Julia Erickson MBA and Suzanne Vosburg PhD, offers practical job loss recovery tools for professional women. Erickson, an executive and career coach as well as a survivor of being fired, has coached many people who have experienced job loss. This and Vosburg’s long-held interest in workplace dynamics led to this book.

When women get fired, it is often devastating, traumatic, and isolating. How, then, does a woman navigate the emotional impact of this event? With other women. In Betrayed by Work, authors Julia Erickson, MBA, and Suzanne Vosburg, PhD, bear witness to the stories of working women who lost their jobs. Their stories describe what happened immediately and in the aftermath of being let go, validate women’s feelings about being fired, and offer a source of hope and companionship to women coping with their own job loss.

The book is also an excellent guide for people who know someone who has suffered sudden job loss. And it contains recommendations for employers who wish to end employment relationships more compassionately.

Suzanne Vosburg and Julia Erickson will provide an exclusive author visit with the BCPWN community in November and will address:

  • Why they wrote the book,
  • Present a selection of material from the book,
  • Their contributors: who did and did not contribute and why,
  • What they learned from writing the book,
  • What the working together process was like - Why they worked so well together?
  • What's next...


How to Access the Zoom Presentation:  

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About the Presenters:

Julia Erickson, MBA ( is a career coach who helps people find their “right fit” work. She wrote an ebook, Your Right Fit Job: Guide to Getting Work You Really Love, and has contributed essays to two other books, one of which is the best-selling Success from the Heart. She was Executive Director of two non-profit organizations in New York City over a twelve year period. Prior to that, Julia led public/private workforce development initiatives in NYC government. A graduate of Smith College, Julia has an MBA in Leadership.


Suzanne Vosburg, PhD ( has worked as a researcher, writer and photographer. Her PhD is in cognitive psychology. Suzanne’s father owned and managed a medium-sized business; he emphasized how important it is to openly address conflict and respectfully acknowledge emotions for a company to be healthy. He thought this was an essential and often overlooked element in many companies. In her work in various academic and industry environments, Suzanne has thought a lot about her father’s perspective. Her book Betrayed by Work pursues her deeply-held interest in how people work together.

From:   November 18, 2021 - 10:00 AM
To:  November 18, 2021 - 11:00 AM