V is for Venus Fly Trap
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Pages   52
ISBN-13  978-1-64250-629-7

V is for Venus Fly Trap

ABC Picture Book Taught Through House Plants

By Jasmine Respress

Alphabet Primer for Lil’ Plant Lovers and Their Parents

House plants are all the rage, and there is no reason that you and your little Plant Parent can’t get in on the fun too. The editors at Dragonfruit, an imprint of Mango Publishing Group, present V is for Venus Fly Trap, so kids and adults alike can learn the joy of house plants.  

Learn to Read from Flowers and Leaves. ABCV is for Venus Fly Trap is the perfect alphabet book for kids. From thorny to smooth or short to tall, V is for Venus Fly Trap has it all. This Alphabet primer takes children, and their families, through the ABCs with 26 unique house plants from A is for Aloe Vera to Z is for ZZ Plant.

Succulents, Palms, and Cacti, Oh My! With vibrant illustrations and catchy rhymes, V is for Venus Fly Trap leads kids through the wonderful world of house plants such as succulents, ivy plants, palms, and cactus plants. Children discover the names of the house plants growing right in their own homes.

Knowing is Growing. Kids learn the official names for plants, some of their uses, and what they look like, allowing them to engage with the world around them, and even share a hobby with Mom or Dad. Parents and kids alike enjoy learning about all the different house plants they can raise together.

Kids learn to:

  • Identify common house plants
  • Recognize Letters A through Z
  • Unearth fun facts about the plants in their homes

If your child enjoyed books like Mrs. Peanuckle’s Flower Alphabet, Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt, or The Big Book of Blooms they will love V is for Venus Fly Trap.

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