Time Travel with the History Chicks
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Time Travel with the History Chicks

A Guide to the Women of America’s Gilded Age

By Beckett Graham, Susan Vollenweider

Discover the hidden figures of history

For fans of Downton AbbeyThe Woman Who Smashed Codes, and An American Princess will love Time Travel with the History Chicks: The Women of America's Glittering Age

A series about women in history: Women and girls are hungry for role models, but history is often taught as a one-dimensional recitation of dates, kings, leaders, and their battles. In truth, history is really nothing more than the story of living humans within their times. This bold and insightful new series, brought to you by the women behind The History Chicks podcast, annotates those particular times by focusing on the forces, objects, events, and issues that make up the individual histories of the women who lived them.

Learn about the women who shaped America’s Gilded Age: Time Travel with the History Chicks is a behind-the-formal-portrait look into America’s “glittering” Gilded Age, 1870–1912, told through a new female lens and bursting with things you didn’t know, fun facts and trivia, and insightful commentary. The History Chicks explore everything in the day-to-day lives of American Gilded Age women, from alcohol to zoetropes, and make the stories of these women relatable by tying them to modern women.

Suffragettes, pioneer women, American princesses, women in science, and more: Learn about women like Jennie Jerome Churchill (mother of Winston and one of the first “Buccaneers”), Ida B. Wells-Barnett (civil rights/journalism), Caroline Weldon (Native American rights), Madam CJ Walker (hair care and franchising), Josephine Cochrane (dishwasher inventor) and Lillian Gilbreth (mother of a dozen children and the step trash can). The profiles in this book cross economic, occupational, and societal levels—bringing the most dynamic look into the Gilded Age and the women who lived it. The portal to history is open—get ready to time travel into the past with The History Chicks in this fun and informative new read.

A captivating herstory of a fascinating era

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