The Flip Side of History
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Pages   224
ISBN-13  978-1-64250-220-6

The Flip Side of History

By Steve Silverman
If you’re a fan of the Florida Man Challenge and books like The Book of Unusual Knowledge, Answers to Questions You've Never Asked, Bad Days in History, Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader, and The Greatest Stories Never Told; then The Flip Side of History is your next read! Steve Silverman is the host and founder of the popular Useless Information Podcast. He is the author of the bestselling Kindle book Einstein's Refrigerator, translated into Chinese, Korean, Greek, and other languages. He is a science teacher in upstate New York. ● Fun trivia and stories of hidden history to entertain and liven up any conversation, party, or classroom. ● Author’s first book Einstein’s Refrigerator has been translated into Chinese, Korean, Greek, and other languages; it was also the #1 most downloaded Kindle book for one week in 2011. ● Based on my experience with my previous work, the unique subject matter and conversational writing style make it excellent for those who are reluctant to read.

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