Positive Thinking Journal
Release Date  
Pages   168
ISBN-13  978-1-64250-705-8

Positive Thinking Journal

A 365 Day Positivity Journal (Affirmations for Kids; Positive Books; Kids Bookcase)

By Woo! Jr. Kids Woo! Jr. Kids Activities, Woo! Jr. Kids Activities, Cameon Galli

Journaling with Positive Affirmations for Kids Made Easy (Ages 9-12)

Journaling daily affirmations sparks positive thinking for kids! A new addition to the bestselling Woo! Jr. Kids Activities series, this positivity journal is the perfect gift for kids ages 9-12!

Change the way your kids think! With creative journal prompts and positive affirmations for kids, this creative journal boosts self-esteem and helps kids develop higher levels of confidence while engaging them to jot down their thoughts. Journaling gives your kids the space to give words to what they feel with daily affirmations guiding them.

Build positive mindfulness for kids.  All physical and emotional actions are moved by thoughts so while absorbing these positive affirmations for kids, your child will begin to transform right before you! Affirmations for children can be hard to create but this gratitude journal for kids makes daily affirmations and self-reflection simple. This kids journal makes the perfect addition to your kids bookcase; grab it for your kids shelf! 

Inside the Positive Thinking Journal, you’ll find:

  • Daily affirmations to grow internal self-esteem for kids
  • Writing prompts that increase positive thinking for kids
  • Creative space for self-expression and journaling

If you liked Mindful Affirmations and Activities, Happy Mindset Little Journal or Creative Gratitude Journal for Kids, you’ll love the Positive Thinking Journal.

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Inside, you’ll find:

  • Vocabulary lists suitable for developing minds
  • Questions to promote healthy discussion
  • Essay and journal prompts with processing concepts and topics

If you liked Black Heroes, What is the Civil Rights Movement? (What Was),or Finish the Fight!, you’ll love Civil Rights Then and Now: A Timeline of the Fight for Equality in America.

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Engage your emerging little artist with fun coloring pages inside of Woo! Jr.’s My First Book of Dot Marker Coloring. With over 100 dot marker coloring pages for kids, the opportunities to develop the artist within are endless! Help your child develop fine motor skills while learning primary colors, secondary colors, and more with coloring activities for toddlers ages 2 to 4 years old.

Toddlers learn best when engaged and having fun! Do a dot marker coloring activity to strengthen hand-eye coordination, and learn colors through dot marker coloring pages filled with familiar shapes and images.

Activities for toddlers are a must-have to spark curiosity! Between ages 2 and 4, toddlers grow exponentially and are eager to learn about themselves and the world around them. My First Book of Dot Marker Coloring is full of coloring pages that combine art with educational concepts to support early learning.

In the full color My First Book of Dot Marker Coloring, you’ll find:

  • Fundamental Learning Concepts - our big dot illustrations include letters, numbers, shapes, colors, and animals to support early learning
  • Bold Lines - supports fine motor skill development and helps toddlers stay within the line
  • 100+ Dot Marker Coloring Pages - guaranteed to keep toddlers engaged and parents from running out of activities
  • Engaging Way to Learn Colors - the bold, colorful illustrations in our big dot marker activity book support color matching and recognition of familiar shapes

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Full of cute illustrations and graphics your little ones are sure to love. Everyone loves art, and that includes kids! This fun color by number book is filled with different pictures, broken up number-by-number to create a masterpiece. This book also introduces your child to colors, shapes, and develops fine motor skills, getting them ready for preschool. Whether your child wants to paint multi-colored, neon landscapes, or color-coordinated flower gardens, My First Book of Color by Numbers is the perfect color by numbers coloring book!

If you and your toddler love coloring books like Dinosaur Color by Numbers, Unicorn Color by Numbers, or My Backyard Color by Number, then your little one will love Woo! Jr.’s My First Book of Color by Numbers!

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