Our Planet
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Our Planet

Infographics for Discovering Planet Earth (Earth Facts For Kids, Nature & How It Works, Earth Sciences)

By Cristina Banfi

Fun Earth Facts For Kids (Reading Age 10-14)

In this informative book about our awesome home planet, Earth, you can teach children about the earth in a new and exciting way—through the power of infographics!

Curious facts for kids. Learn the secrets of this planet in this wonderfully illustrated infographic book about the earth. Through intuitive infographic tables, charts of Earth, facts, and super-powered illustrations designed to captivate attention, learn everything from what lies under the Earth’s crust to all about Earth’s different environments. The clear spreads are filled with maps, charts, and fun earth facts for kids!

A source you can trust. A graduate in Natural Sciences, Author Christina Banfi has worked in the science community for over 20 years educating children and communicating science with the general public. You can trust that she has a lot of experience communicating earth facts for kids in fun, new, and interesting ways! 

Inside, you’ll find:

  • Well-researched information from Christina Banfi, an expert in natural sciences
  • A fun illustrated guide full of curious and fun facts about earth for kids
  • A new earth book for kids that focuses on acquainting them with the language of infographics

If you liked The Ultimate Book of Planet Earth, The Ultimate Book of Sharks, or The Amazing Planet Earth, you’ll love Our Planet.

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