American Prep


American Prep is a comprehensive guide to U.S. boarding schools

• What is boarding school really like?

• What are my chances of getting into U.S. boarding schools?

• How do I evaluate private school vs. public school? What is boarding school really like?

U.S. boarding schools offer a superb preparation for college bound students, but they are not for everyone. American Prep is the only comprehensive guide for parents and students interested in investigating, applying to, and succeeding at these great schools. Meticulously researched and thoughtfully written, American Prep is an essential guide through the world of U.S. boarding schools – their history and culture, their resources and support systems, their opportunities and challenges – and the only book that leads you through the entire prep school experience.

You will learn:

• Why boarding schools are increasingly valuable in the 21st century

• The pros and cons of private school vs public school

• How to select a school that is right for your student and your family

• How to navigate the admission process – detailed insider advice

• The emotional challenges of prep school for students and families – what to expect and when

• How to secure generous financial aid for prep school

• Student success on campus – getting in is only the first step.

An insider's perspective on U.S. boarding schools, Award winning writer/critic Ronald Mangravite has multiple perspectives on the American prep school world. An alumnus of the Lawrenceville School, he is a current prep school parent, an alumni class officer, and an admissions volunteer. His extensive teaching experience includes universities and private schools, with service on admissions and curricula committees. He holds degrees from the University of California, Berkeley and UCLA.

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El Enfoque Naturopática A La Fertilidad


El Enfoque Naturopática A La Fertilidad ofrece empatia para cada dolor y frustracion de una mujer, junto a la sabiduria de sanacion natural. Cada uno de los diez temas intimos es tratado en un capitulo separado, empezando con una clara, conciente explicacion de el reto de salud y su posible causa. Entonces para cada condicion, mujeres recibiran un exhaustivo program de terapia natural - incluyendo suplementos herbales, cambios dieteticos, y mas - que Dra. Julissa recomienda. Como cada responsable profesional de la salud, Dra. Julissa reconoce que no es posible desarrollar un regimen de tratamiento especifico unico para lectores en general; para cada paciente, sanacion efectiva requiere un analisis en persona y una evaluacion profunda personal. Ella si, de todos modos, comparte testimonios poderosos e inspirantes de sus propios pacientes - mujeres que reconocen y le dan credito a las terapias naturales de Dra. Julissa que les ayudaron a sobrepasar sus retos de salud reproductiva y sexual, y enriquecieron sus vidas con vitalidad, auto confianza, y alegria.

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The Definitive Parenting Handbook for Gay Dads


Anytime you decide to have a child, it is a major decision that impacts every aspect of your life and that of your children. For gay parents, this is not just an act of love but it is also a political decision in a fast-changing world. You are part of the gay community, certainly, but you also will become a member of the PTA, the school shuttles and will often find yourself at bake sales, dance recitals and after-school sports with soccer moms. So, where do you turn to advice for these every day moments for which there is NO etiquette guide and very few neighborhood resources? Authors Brian Rosenberg and Ferd van Gameren have all the answers in their book The Definitive Parenting Handbook for Gay Dads, everything a gay man needs to know about the art of parenting.

The Definitive Parenting Handbook for Gay Dads focuses on the lives of gay men with children, a fast-growing demographic. This guide covers everything from deciding to start a family, having kids, coming out as a gay dad, getting married with kids present, being older dads, living in a transracial family, the merry-go-round of play dates and birthday parties, the truths and lies of children’s books, negotiating the tricky territory of telling kids where they came from, and much, much more. Chapters include The Gay Birds, the Egg Donor and the Surrogate Bees in which authors Brian and Ferd take readers on a journey through the many avenues gay dads travel on the way to becoming parents.

Drawing from their own experiences as two gay dads and also from readers’ questions and comments to their highly popular blog, Ferd and Brian go over all the choices and options for gay parenting whether it’s bringing in a surrogate or adopting through the foster care system, as well as other creative solutions. Although these are serious and complicated topics, they approach them with their trademark sense of fun and personality along with helpful, practical recommendations. As leading voices in gay parenting, Brian and Ferd don’t shy away from the tough stuff and share what it means “to have to come out constantly at their kids’ school, at the doctor’s office and when they meet other parents.” A crucial topic is the perspective of the children and how this affects kids, who are also forced to “come out” over and over again when introducing their parents. Even the terrain of naming is discussed fully and with great sensitivity. What’s in a name? Much more than you might think, according to Brian and Ferd who speak to the many options available when it comes to last names for the kids. Should they take the surname of one parent or the other? Or, should the family create a unique surname for everyone?

In their warm, witty and oh-so-smart manner, the authors discuss leaving certain aspects of the gay lifestyle behind and what has to change when you make the big decision to be a dad. For example, fancy, high-end furnishings and bespoke suits don’t exactly go with rambunctious, messy toddlers. As Brian puts it, “Gay fathers share all the universal truths and challenges of parenting that are experienced by dads and parents everywhere, but we also face many that are uniquely our own, like dealing with homophobia, guiding daughters through puberty, and coming out. We have also traveled many different paths in order to become dads.” Drawing from the experiences and thoughts of other gay dads and gay dads-to-be and even gay grandpas, this is the definitive handbook on the top of LGBTQ fatherhood.

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