Is This Wi-Fi Organic?
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Is This Wi-Fi Organic?

A Guide to Spotting Misleading Science Online

By Dave Farina

How to Separate Real Scientific Truths from Fake News

This book separates fact from fiction and teaches science basics in an easy-to-understand and -apply way. With the knowledge base gained from Dave Farina’s teaching, you can spot misinformation and lies on the internet before they spot you.

Is This WiFi Organic? is about science that affects us all. Food, medicine, and technology. Earth, sea, and sky. Light, heat, and fire. Science is the study of everything around us. It has ultimately yielded to all of the modernity that is inextricable from our everyday experience, from cures for diseases to the electricity we use constantly. But one impressive scientific breakthrough, the internet, has pervaded and encapsulated popular culture, and it is also making it harder and harder to know what is true—and what is not.

Learn how to separate internet fact from fiction. We live in the information age, giving us access to every datum ever collected and every opinion its originator thought fit to share. But with this newfound access to information comes a new challenge. Namely, how can you tell what information is true and what is false? In Is This WiFi Organic? Dave Farina, author and science expert from the YouTube channel Professor Dave Explains, is here to help you fight confirmation bias and logical fallacies. In this book of science essays, you will learn:

  • The real science behind controversial health issues like medications and vaccines
  • What energy actually is—and how we use it each and every day
  • A core of scientific knowledge, from biochemistry and molecular biology to theoretical physics, that will help you pull truths from the weeds of misinformation and outright lies

Readers captivated by the scientific and technological teachings in science books like Brief Answers to the Big Questions by Stephen Hawking, Everybody Lies, and The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe will love Is This WiFi Organic?

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