Holly, Drop That Friggin' Marker!
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Release Date  
Pages   50
ISBN-13  978-1-63353-129-1

Holly, Drop That Friggin' Marker!

A Children's Book for Grown Ups

By Frida Goya

One evening, over-indulged Holly decided to demonstrate her artistic talents on the newly-decorated walls of her parents dream home. In this made-for-parents satirical tale, our 21st Century-imaginative child Holly creates a messy masterpiece only an unemployed painter could love. Will her new age parents finally give in and punish her? Will they take away the marker for a day? Or will they go the route of Harold and the Purple Crayon, and simply let her imagination ruin their walls? Holly, Drop that Friggin' Marker is the perfect blend of comedy and truth that any parent with an artistic child can enjoy and learn from.


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