ColdFusion Presents:  New Thinking
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Pages   298
ISBN-13  978-1-64250-591-7

ColdFusion Presents: New Thinking

From Einstein to Artificial Intelligence, the Science and Technology that Transformed Our World (Technology History and Future Technology)

By Dagogo Altraide

What History’s Greatest Science and Technology Breakthroughs Teach Us About Future Technology

"Dagogo has the uncanny ability to take fascinating topics and somehow make them even more interesting.” –Adam Sinicki, author and founder of The Bioneer

#1 Best Seller in Cold Fusion Programming, General Technology & Reference, and Business & Management Technology History

Embark on an exhilarating journey through the hidden history of technology and innovation and get a glimpse of our future.

Discover the hidden history of technology and its profound impact on our present and future. This captivating book uncovers the stories behind pivotal moments in technology, offering insights into the future of globalized technology and the limitless potential of human ingenuity. Embark on an eye-opening exploration of history's greatest technological breakthroughs, including the captivating stories behind the steam engine revolution, Nikola Tesla's electrifying world, and the birth of the internet and artificial intelligence. A great gift for men and for those looking for dad gift ideas.

Gain new understanding of the limitless possibilities that lie ahead. Delve into the remarkable accounts of visionary men and women who defied norms and reshaped our world. From the audacious thinkers who propelled us into the age of superintelligence to the pioneers who revolutionized medicine and engineering, ColdFusion Presents: New Thinking showcases the power of innovation.

Inside you’ll:

  • Uncover the captivating stories behind history's greatest technological breakthroughs
  • Gain insights into the driving forces and motivations of the brilliant minds who shaped our world through innovation
  • Explore hidden technology history and its profound impact on our present and future

If you enjoyed books like The Innovators, Sapiens, or The Code Book, you'll love ColdFusion Presents: New Thinking.

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