Buns and Burgers
Release Date  
Pages   224
ISBN-13  978-1-64250-116-2

Buns and Burgers

Handcrafted Burgers from Top to Bottom (For Fans of Bread Baking for Beginners and America's Test Kitchen)

By Gregory Berger
The cookbook will serve as a guidebook on how to make Instagram-worthy buns and burgers that are also delicious, all from scratch. The book will consist of easy recipes for making everything from the buns, smash cooking the burgers, down the actual burger construction through photos, illustrations and words. It will also provide information on where to cut corners (like, mix charred onions into store-bought mayo rather than making an aioli). I am a work-at-home dad, not professional chef or baker, so the book will emphasize that all of these crowd-pleasing and drool-worthy burgers and buns can be made by you, with basic kitchen skills. The book will have a full range of bun recipes, with each bun then getting it’s own burger creation, from a very basic Sesame bun with American cheese and pickle burger to an over-the-top black truffle bun with fig jam burger.

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