15 Minute Meals
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Pages   224
ISBN-13  978-1-68481-257-8

15 Minute Meals

Truly Quick Recipes that Don’t Taste like Shortcuts

By Ali Rosen

15 Minute Meals makes quick meals quick again. From Lamb and Smashed Cucumber Stuffed Pitas, Spaghetti Squash Pomodoro, and Spicy Tomato Poached Shrimp and Chickpeas to Goat Cheese, Pear and Prosciutto Wraps, this cookbook is full of delicious and quick recipes that you and your family will love! Instead of purported thirty minute meals that actually take an hour, every recipe in the book is written to truly take only 15 minutes, from start to finish. No prep is relegated to the ingredients (1 tablespoon of peeled and chopped garlic anyone?). Every single step is accounted for and ordered for efficiency.

The book starts with an introductory breakdown of the ingredients that are essential to quick meals and details the plethora of options that modern cooks now enjoy. The recipes allow for less pre-planning and faster execution, with potential swap-outs and suggestions included to make them even easier. Get dinner on the table fast and deliciously!

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