Apr 21
David Carlson shares tips on mental_floss

Author and blogger David Carlson recently shared his advice about what to do when you can't pay your student loans on the popular website mental_floss. This goes hand-in-hand with his new book, Hustle Away Debt, which focuses on paying off your debt faster through "side hustles.

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  Apr 15
Study With Jess is on AwesomenessTV!

Finals are right around the corner (ugh, tests but YAY summer break!) and Jess has some great study hacks to make your life a little easier. Watch her episode to discover her top 3 DIY's from bringing motivation and inspiration into your study sessions.  

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  Apr 11
ScrewAttack's Craig Skistimas Announces Their New Book!

ScrewAttack owner and cofounder Craig Skistimas announces that the very popular video series "The Video Game Vault" will be returning in book form! Click the link below to see what Craig has to say about ScrewAttack's debut book, ScrewAttack's Video Game Vault: The Best of Nintendo 64.   The Video Game Vault is Back!

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  Mar 08
Welcome Lisa Ramos!

Mango welcomes Lisa Ramos of MTV and America's Next Top Model, author of Pizza & Chill? ;) How to Kinda Sorta Date. In her debut book, Ramos explores the quirky bumps and awkward land mines associated with dating in the twenty-first century. Answering fan questions with personal anecdotes, Ramos connects the dots as she shares her laughable highs and lows of dating in the hopes of helping you find true love...or at least go on a few memorable dates.

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