Vedika  Luthra

Vedika Luthra

Vedika Luthra was born in India, raised in Poland where she attended an American school, then moved to the Netherlands to attend university and is currently pursuing her postgraduate studies in law there. Her unique background has shaped her experiences in the kitchen. 


Passionate about food from an early age, Vedika started her food blog Hot Chocolate Hits when she was 14, inspired by amateur foodies who took Youtube by storm with their recipe videos. Even before Hot Chocolate Hits, Vedika had dabbled in blogging at 11. But Hot Chocolate Hits, she decided, would be more serious. It was fun project during the summer holidays, a way to put creative energy to good use. Her first videos were her favourite recipes, such as classic brownies, lemon cake and coconut cake. 


A year after she began posting videos, she was recruited by food video network Tastemade (a platform competing with Buzzfeed’s Tasty) as one of their network partners on Youtube. With their help and her dedication, Hot Chocolate Hits amassed a following, hungry for recipes such as mango cheesecake and chocolate chip cookie lava cakes. In 2015, her recipe for no-bake Oreo bars was their first video on their “Sweeten” page to go viral, amassing 36 million views in the first year alone. After that, several of her recipes went viral.


A blog dedicated towards sharing her favorite recipes for over-the-top desserts and confections. This hobby has slowly transformed into something much more and now, seven years later,  she has combined  her passion for photography, video and baking into an inviting and popular channel.


Vedika has amassed a following of 170,000 followers on Youtube, 180,000 on Facebook and 10,000 on Instagram. Vedika has created videos for food video network Tastemade. Several of her baking videos  have received over 45 million views alone on Facebook. Her work has also been featured by Buzzfeed, the Huffington Post, Spoon University and the official ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ Facebook page


In addition to her passion for food and photography, Vedika also enjoys writing and has written extensively about food for several English-language publications including Food52, Spoon University, the Warsaw Voice and as well as the Warsaw Business Journal (i.e. page 86, for which she wrote monthly about food and culture).