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Are Your Books Easy to Find and Easy to Buy?


The book publishing industry has changed dramatically.  These changes include new types of products, evolving distribution models and the need for both authors and publishers to market direct to the consumer to drive awareness and sales.  New business models, including self-publishing and hybrid publishing,  offer significant opportunities and difficult challenges. To succeed in this environment, authors and publishers need to work together collaboratively and be laser focused on the real business of publishing… writing and publishing compelling new titles and then effectively promoting and selling those books to readers across the globe.

But in today’s global, connected marketplace, authors and publishers have to give more and more attention to tough technology challenges like keeping their website, the foundation of an effective presence online, current and competitive with the latest search, mobile and social “must do”. They struggle to integrate multiple tools, applications and technologies into a manageable, cost-effective business platform. They find it hard allocate the time and resources required to drive multiple social media platforms and to always be evaluating the “next new thing”.  For many authors and publishers, it is very hard to sustain the investment required in both time and money and they have fallen way behind.™ provides sales and marketing platforms for authors and publishers. We offer cloud-based and self-hosted solutions. The look and feel of your site can be fully customized to reflect your brand. By moving your site to one of our platforms, you can solve these tough technology challenges more easily and cost effectively than you ever imagined. will provide a modern, technologically current online presence for your brand. Your website will always be optimized and compliant with the latest search, mobile and social standards and technologies to level the playing field with your competitors and the major online retailers.

You will be able to offer customers a simple, device-independent shopping experience and offer them buying choices whether you are selling and fulfilling orders direct to the consumer, selling through other online channels, using a print-on-demand service or any combination of any of these.

With you will not have to worry about technology holding your business back ever again. Your books will be easy to find, easy to buy and easy to share. You will be able to focus on writing, publishing and selling compelling titles to a growing community of readers around the world.

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