Christie Barnes

Christie Barnes

Christie Barnes is best known for her acclaimed Paranoid Parents Guides, countering what parents perceive as worries and dangers with facts and statistics to focus their parenting efforts. Appearing in the New York Times, on ABC, and across the nation and even crashing the NPR website, she was honored to help worried parents.

Researching her new book What Every Parent Needs to Know about College Admissions, she was shocked to find that stellar students were not getting even adequate college and career outcomes. She felt that more than research and writing about the problem was needed, so she sought professional qualifications in college and career counseling. Adding to her BA from Mount Holyoke College, graduate study at Oxford, and an MA Hons City University of London, she became a certified High School and College Career ‘conversationalist’ and pursued post-master’s education and training.

This expertise took her to ‘Washington D.C.’ for the National Policy Symposium. Where she testified and advocated to senators and members of Congress about Career and Technical Education.

She has recently appeared in Forbes as an expert on college and the future of work and Reader’s Digest on Covid-19 disruption of college, with Dr Anthony Fauci.

Barnes had an earlier life in film and television, apprentice directing at the Royal Shakespeare Company, translating plays for the BBC, assistant directing award-winning TV for Channel Four. She married Oscar-nominated, Olivier award-winning playwright Peter Barnes. His sudden death when their triplets were one and daughter four, left Christie a single mother determined to be the best parent she could be–which led to her career as a respected and well-known parenting expert.